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Evaluadores preparando los informes finales. Foto: Odalys Falcón

Evaluators’ messages for the 15th Anniversary of UCI

Odalys Rosa Falcón Márquez |
December 8, 2017 - 08:00
Evaluadores preparando los informes finales

Evaluadores preparando los informes finales. Foto: Odalys Falcón

Close to the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the University of Informatics Sciences on December 12, we decided to talk with some experts from the National Accreditation Council (JAN) who wanted to express their feelings for this celebration.

Dra. Sc. Marcia Esther Noda Hernández, MES Director of Evaluation and Chair of the Evaluation Commission.

"Congratulations, UCI! I believe these have been years of effort; UCI has been the result of our whole country. From all universities of the country people did their best for UCI to grow and thus contribute to make a reality the Comandante’s dream. Actually, I believe that all of you made it a reality and you have continued to do so day by day. Congratulations once again; utopias have been possible, especially because there are men and women willing to do it and with the conditions to reach them. Congratulations".

Dra.Sc. Fátima Addine Fernández, JAN Technical Committee and Chair of the Technical Evaluation Committee.

"I would like to convey to the entire UCI community on its 15th Anniversary the recognition that not only the evaluators, but also the Cuban society have for the work you do every day, because unquestionably, the thought of our Commander in Chief is present every day as a guide, and this really says a lot about your students, your teachers and your workers. I encourage you to read daily the definition given by the Commander on what a University of excellence is. "


“Universidad de Excelencia es desarrollar la mejor universidad que se haya desarrollado jamás, buscando lo óptimo, lo más perfecto posible dentro de las cosas humanas, lo más nuevo, lo más creativo. Algo que no solo sirva a los intereses de nuestro país. Una institución de Excelencia tiene que ser capaz de ver cómo se proyecta el mundo, cómo se proyecta la humanidad y qué contribución pueda hacer en primer lugar para salvarla”.

(Words pronounced by Fidel in an Exchange with UCI students on July 19, 2003)


Dr.Sc. Rodolfo Rodríguez Llerena (UNICA), Evaluator Variable 1 Institutional Context.

"Congratulations to the university community of the University of Informatics Sciences. I feel very happy being here these days; it has truly been a privilege.

I have been here all this time learning about everything that is being done for the development of the Cuban Higher Education. Congratulations".

Dr.Sc. Yosney Marrero García (UNAH), Evaluator. Variable 4 Social interaction.

"I´d like to extend my congratulations to UCI. I’m really proud to have studied at this University and to be here now, evaluating the processes that are developed at the University. I hope you continue to achieve successes as have been done so far and I congratulate you on this new anniversary."

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