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Fifty years connected to the future and to the Revolution

Odalys Rosa Falcón Márquez |
December 12, 2017 - 13:30
Reconocimiento otorgado por el MES a la UCI en su Aniversario 15.

In the morning of this December 12th, the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a political and cultural meeting in the emblematic Plaza Mella of this institution.

A wreath laying ceremony to the founder of the University Students Federation initiated this meeting that was also dedicated to the 95th anniversary of this students’ organization, the homage to the Education workers and the 59th anniversary of the Triumph of our Revolution.

The meeting was presided over by the Dr in Sciences Marta del Carmen Mesa Valenciano, first Vice Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education; Miriam Alpízar Santana, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education; Miriam Nicado García, UCI Rector; Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez, member of FEU national secretariat; members of the University Council and the main representatives of the political and mass organizations at UCI.
Recalling that December 12, 2022, when our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Rúz visited this house of higher studies to interact with the first students and teachers whom he called Tropa del Futuro (Troop of the Future), FEU Council at UCI awarded the outstanding students with the condition Joven 95 Aniversario (95th Anniversary youth) for their satisfactory results in the different processes of the organization. They received the award from the hands of the deans of the six schools.

Likewise the University Council awarded the Students’ Organization at the university with a recognition because of its 95th anniversary. It was the president of the organization, Eliani Cabrera García, who received the award handed over by the Rector.

Both the FEU president at UCI and Lester González López, acting Secretary General of the UJC Committee spoke to the audience in the meeting. Artistic presentations were done by Alién García Hernández who recited the poem De cara al sol, from Antonio Guerrero, and the troubadour Álvaro Maceo interpreted the song El día feliz que está llegando.

Ten professors from the University also received the award Distinción por la Educación Cubana; they were: Cecilia Gutiérerz Guerra, Francisca A. Mazorra Mestre, Dania Domínguez Álvarez, Mirta Beltrandez Sardiñas, Olga Catalina Fontova de los Reyes, Yareida Fabián Estrada, Carlos R. Nápoles Samper, Dora Enma Nico Pérez, Liudmila Razhnova and Vilma Orozco Rodríguez.

The Ministry of Higher Education (MES) wanted to praise UCI for the work done during these 15 years with dedication and commitment , that is why Dr Sc. Nicado García received the recognition from the Fist Vice Minister.

The closing words were pronounced by MSc. Silvano Merced Len, Secretary General of the Communist Party Committee at UCI; he ratified the commitment to go on producing software in order to contribute to the computerization of society and to continue defending the Cuban Revolution in any trench.

As a culmination of the activity, the musical group from the University Project Malatesta, interpreted the song they composed and gave away to UCI on its 15th anniversary.

Acto 15 aniversario UCI

Acto 15 aniversario UCI.

Reconocimiento Joven 95 Aniversario

Reconocimiento Joven 95 Aniversario.

Joven 95 Aniversario

Joven 95 Aniversario.

Reconocimientos Joven 95 Aniversario

Reconocimientos Joven 95 Aniversario.

Reconocimiento a la FEU

Reconocimiento a la FEU.

Estatuilla de Mella para la FEU UCI

Estatuilla de Mella para la FEU UCI.

Entrega de Distinción por la Educación Cubana a profesores de la UCI.

Entrega de Distinción por la Educación Cubana a profesores de la UCI.

Silvano Merced Len, secretario Comité del PCC UCI

Silvano Merced Len, secretario Comité del PCC UCI.

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