Our University manages communication processes from the Institutional Communication Department, taking full advantage of the different tools to consolidate the identity and institutional image when dealing with the different publics, in order to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of this house of high studies to all Levels.

The Institutional Communication Department is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and evaluating the internal and external communication processes, oriented towards the fulfillment of the Master Communication Strategy and the Institutional Communication Policy.

Our journalists, filmmakers, specialists and technicians in general, guarantee the dissemination of truthful and timely information, as well as public relations actions that favor the positioning of the image of the institution when dealing with the university community and public opinion, reinforcing our shared values.

To keep the community informed, we have an intranet, a streaming radio signal, a closed-circuit cable television with 20 channels, two of them locally produced, an online portal for on-demand audiovisual content, a digital newspaper and more 20 websites and thematic blogs.

This platform in which our students actively participate as part of their integral training, serves as a support for the management of university media, which guarantee academic, informational, cultural and entertainment programming, conceived from the interests and needs identified In different public studies.