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The University staff Working session devoted to the Assessment of the accomplishment of the 2017 Work Objectives. Photo: Alberto Medina

UCI obtains the category of Certified Institution and a congratulatory message is sent by Army General Raul Castro to the university community

Rislaidy Pérez Ramos |
March 4, 2018 - 13:00
The University staff Working session devoted to the Assessment of the accomplishment of the 2017 Work Objectives

The University staff Working session devoted to the Assessment of the accomplishment of the 2017 Work Objectives. Photo: Alberto Medina

Two pleasant surprises marked the University staff working session held this Saturday, March 3, in Room 4 at the Convention Center of Havana. The National Accreditation Board made public the result of the Institutional Evaluation carried out in December, and the Rector read a letter sent by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to congratulate our university community.

This session was chaired by Dr.Sc. Ramón Saborido Loidi, Minister of Higher Education; Dr.Sc. Miriam Nicado García, rector of the University of Informatics Sciences; Dr.Sc. Marcia Esther Noda Hernández, executive secretary of the National Accreditation Board; Dr.Sc. Raydel Montesino Perurena, Deputy Rector, as well as the main leaders of the political and mass organizations of the institution.

The Rector made a presentation to review the accomplishment of the work objectives of the University in 2017. She made a detailed presentation of the main achievements and drawbacks for each of the five Key Result Areas in the institution.

In her speech, Nicado García congratulated all the university students because of their behavior during the Institutional Evaluation process recently developed.

Next, the Executive Secretary of the National Accreditation Board read the report delivered by this Board on the evaluation of the University of Informatics Sciences, where our strengths and weaknesses were declared. As a final point she concluded that taking into account the overall results and the correspondence between the Self-Assessment Report presented by the university and the Evaluation carried out, the National Accreditation Board decided by majority vote to grant the University of Informatics Sciences the higher accreditation category of a Certified Institution, which will be valid until December 2023.

In his intervention, Dr.Sc. Saborido Loidi, offered a special congratulatory message on behalf of the whole system of Higher Education in the country and explained that the University had gone through a very demanding process. Likewise, he alleged that what UCI has done in just 15 years has been recognized by the Ministry (MES), the country and society in general.

In a very special and emotional moment, our Rector read a letter signed by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers. In one of its fragments the text states: (…) the work carried out in this center of higher studies has been arduous (...)more than 14 thousand engineers from around the country have been educated here. I am taking advantages of these lines to congratulate students, workers and graduates for the new anniversary and for turning UCI into such a prestigious university”.

Several awards were given in recognition for the results obtained in various processes of the University; among them, the title for having achieved the Full Professor category was received by Dr.Sc. Febe Angel Ciudad Ricardo. The following teachers also received the title of Associate Professors: Belkis Albelo Armenteros, Raúl Scull González, Antonio Jesús Fernández, Porfirio Lorenzo Puig Estrada and Ángel Rodríguez Soler.

Besides, Andy Hernández Páez, Lianet Salazar Labrada and Diannet Sospedra López received the title of Masters in Software Quality.

The Special Teaching Condition of a Consultant Professor was granted to Professor Dra.C. Sahara Blanco Hernández, who has been teaching during years both undergraduate and postgraduate students, with an outstanding work in Teaching Rank Examination Boards, her involvement in pedagogical research and professional development.

Other educators were recognized with the José Tey Medal, an honorific distinction awarded to them in recognition of relevant merits and active participation in the educational development of the country for more than 25 years. This medal was awarded to María Antonia Montesino Menéndez, Alicia Senra Mugica, Ernesto Miguel García González and Alcides Cabrera Campos.

In addition, because of her extraordinary merits and the valuable contributions to the educational development for more than 30 years, the Frank País Order of Second Degree was awarded to Professor Silvia Emperatriz Estenoz Pino.

Another significant moment of the day was the presentation of a Special Recognition Diploma to the Council of the University Student Federation for their praiseworthy work, responsibility and commitment demonstrated during the Institutional Evaluation process.

The University Council also awarded with Special Recognition four colleagues who fulfilled an internationalist mission in the Dominican Republic, for the outstanding work done there. They were: Leonardo Rodríguez González, Lester Collado Rolo, Lester Rodríguez Vallejo and Josué Rivera Riquenes.

The members of the Electoral Process Management and Information System project were specially invited to this special Staff Meeting, also attended by the members of the University Council and a representation of students, professors, specialists and service workers.

Certified Institution.

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