Our undergraduate activities specialize in the career of Engineering in Computer Science. We also give courses, internships and other modalities of shorter duration related to Computer Science.

Estudiantes de la Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas UCI

The Career of Engineering in Computer Science is taught in our University in the modalities of Course Day and Course for Workers.

The training model is based on the principle of José Martí and Fidel Castro that states the link between study and work, which is achieved through the incorporation of students to real research and development projects.

In this way, it is structured in two very well defined cycles: a basic period of integration and another of professional practice as the central axis of the curriculum, which includes 13 academic disciplines.

We form integral professionals, gifted with skills based on a scientific and dialectical - materialist conception of the world; Capable of responding to the objectives of the nation, international tendencies and professional problems in the area of Informatics  Science and Computing.


The conception of the curriculum of Engineering in Computer Sciences takes into account the dynamics in the formation of a professional of a  wide profile, establishing a process of continuous improvement that has among its principles:

  •     The transformation of professional practice into an integrative main discipline. Its implementation is carried out in a gradual way considering its complexity, the individual development of the student and the execution of own roles of the profession.
  •     The establishment of the process of certification of training roles from the undergraduate, as a stimulus to the specialization in the postgraduate studies.
  •     The inclusion of curricular subjects and strategies oriented to the development of ethical and informatic security modes, which constitute an essential link in the professional's training in any environment.
  •     Preparation to take on teaching in subjects related to Informatics in the different educational levels of the country.
  •     The orientation of the academic and optional curriculum towards new subjects in the computer sciences, that allow gradually assimilating the most transcendental changes in the fields of action of the specialty.


As a final result the graduated engineers in our institution are able to apply valuable skills:

  • Commitment to the security and defense of the Homeland, the Revolution and Socialism.
  • Values such as responsibility, honesty, creativity, modesty, solidarity and ethics.
  • Preparation to take on teaching in subjects related to computer science at different educational levels.
  • Direct and manage the transformations of the processes associated with the computerization of entities, with the aim of increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Design, develop and maintain software applications on a large scale, taking into account the roles associated with the software life cycle.
  • To assume a critical, self-critical spirit of permanent improvement, with assessments that contribute to the defense of a sustainable society.
  • Integration as members or team leaders.
  • Direct and manage the planning, implementation, configuration and maintenance of the technological infrastructure of the organizations.
  • Carriers and promoters of a comprehensive general culture.

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