Información científico técnica en la Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas UCI

Scientific and Technical Information

The Technical Scientific Information Center offers specialized information management services that support the key processes of the University through the use of ICT.

The library of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information has a collection of books updated in hard format, as well as an extensive digital library available for the entire university community.

Curriculum subjects have the basic bibliography in hard or digital format. The bibliographical background is approximately 5120 titles and 8961 copies of them, 1837 specialized in Computer Science and Informatics and 3283 on general topics that complement the integral formation, recreation, and spare time of students, professors and workers.

The university community has other information resources such as: specialized databases and multi-thematic databases that allow  the use of reference or full text information (IET Digital library, Redalyc, IP Advantage, Latindex, SCIELO, DOAJ, EBSCO, Springer); An Institutional Repository with the scientific production of the authors of the University; A website that shows the products and services of technological surveillance and the intelligence work carried out by the Observatory of the University; And the Scientific and Technical Information Channel of the Ministry of Education (known as MES) with access to repositories of doctoral theses, multi-thematic databases managed by the network of Cuban universities.