Our high quality academic programs in different modalities are available for national and foreign applicants. To enter our University successfully, it is important to know the necessary requirements.

Aspirantes a la carrera de Ingeniería en Ciencias Informáticas de la Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas UCI

For Cuban students

At the time of the registration  the Cuban student must submit the following documents:

  • Identity card : ID (Updated and in good condition)
  • Photocopy and original title of the previous level or certification of completed studies (It can be the original document ). If you enter by these ways: Order 18 or contest, a photocopy of the title or certification of completed studies should be certified by the head of the Provincial Archives corresponding to the center where he completed his/her education.
  • If you are male, you must present the document that guarantees that you have passed military service. If you were not apt for military service, besides of   Annex 1 where it is stated this condition, you should submit the letter of assessment of the social work done during this year, signed by the teaching authority who worked with you during this period. 
  • If the career was approved to him after the massive grant date, he  must submit the SI-9 signed by the President of the Commission of Provincial Income (province of residence) or the Director of Revenue of the Ministry of Higher Education or a letter from the latter authorizing their income.

For Foreign Students

In accordance with the legal provisions approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba:

  • Foreign citizens,  permanent resident in the country, may enter the higher education institutions under the same legal provisions adopted for Cuban citizens.
  • Foreign citizens, non-permanent resident, enter the higher education institutions as agreed in signed and ratified by the governments of their respective countries agreements.
  • Non-Spanish-speaking foreigner citizens must demonstrate their mastery of the Spanish language. To do this, they can carry out a sufficiency test or present a proof of accreditation recognized in Cuba. (If this requirement is not met, the applicant will not be able to enroll in our high school home, until he certifies an adequate command of the Spanish language.)

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