Our high quality academic programs in different modalities are available for national and foreign applicants. To enter our University successfully, it is important to know the necessary requirements.

Aspirantes a la carrera de Ingeniería en Ciencias Informáticas de la Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas UCI

For Cuban students

At the time of the registration  the Cuban student must submit the following documents:

  • Identity card : ID (Updated and in good condition)
  • Original and photocopy of high school diploma or certification of completed studies.
  • Males entering the day course must prove their Active Military Service (AMS) status by presenting some of the following documents, depending on the case:
    • if he was declared fit FAR, the original of the Military Service discharge slip issued by the military unit where he served, properly signed and stamped; or.

    • if you were declared fit with medical recommendations or declared unfit FAR: the original of the SIES-4 model of the evaluation of the fulfillment of the socially useful task (stamped and signed by the Provincial Entrance Commission); Annex 1 with stamp seal (issued by the Municipal Military Committee), as well as a photocopy of the Resolution issued by the Provincial Military Committee (the original shall also be submitted for comparison).

For Foreign Students

In accordance with the legal provisions approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba:

  • Foreign citizens permanently residing in the national territory may enter our University according to the same requirements in force for Cubans.
  • Foreign citizens who wish to enroll in a university career as self-financed students must apply to the Directorate of Admission and Work Placement of the MES for authorization to enroll.
  • In cases that are financed by a government, the embassy of their country submits the request to the Department of Exports or Academic Services of the MES.
  • Those who are approved will receive the response through the same channel and in order to enroll they must present the following documents duly legalized by the Cuban consular offices abroad:
    • Pre-university graduate degree, high school diploma or equivalent level and the transcript of grades, in order to perform the homologation with the high school level in Cuba as a requirement to pursue university studies.
    • Duly legalized health certificate that includes the declaration that he/she does not carry communicable diseases as well as physical or mental impediments disabling for the exercise of the profession to which he/she aspires.
    • Document that certifies that he/she does not have a criminal record.
    • Birth Certificate.
  • Non-Spanish speaking foreign citizens must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish. If this requirement is not met, the applicant must enroll in the preparatory stage (at the university itself) before beginning the first year of the degree program.

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