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Dr.C. Omar Correa Madrigal, director of Science, Technology and Innovation at the UCI. Photo: Video taken

Find out what will happen at the UCI VIII Scientific Conference

Odalys Rosa Falcón Márquez |
November 14, 2017 - 13:15
Dr.C. Omar Correa Madrigal, director of Science, Technology and Innovation at the UCI

Dr.C. Omar Correa Madrigal, director of Science, Technology and Innovation at the UCI. Photo: Video taken

During November 16 and 17, the University of Informatics Science (UCI) will develop the III Scientific Conference in which professionals linked to educational, research and development activities in the field of computer science and its applications will be participating.

In order to learn more about this conference, our team spoke with Dr. Sc. Omar Correa Madrigal, Director of Science, Technology and Innovation at this institution.

Objectives of the Conference

  • To provide a space for the exchange of experiences, reflections and results regarding the scientific-technical activity, R + D + i and the educational training in the field of computer sciences and computing.
  • To disseminate the research results in these fields.
  • To update participants with high impact issues of Science and Technology.
  • To encourage cooperation between institutions related to informatics and computer science.

Themes to be addressed

  • Free Software and its applications
  • Artificial Intelligence and its applications
  • Impact of information and communication technologies on society
  • Project management
  • Computational Mathematics and High Performance Computing
  • Engineering and Software Quality
  • Software Development Models
  • Training Models in Computer Science
  • Computing in national defense
  • Educational technologies
  • Continuing education of the specialist in Computer Science
  • Virtualization of the teaching and learning of Computer Science
  • Evaluation of the Quality and Accreditation of teaching of Computer Science related careers
  • Management of academic activity in the teaching of Computer Science
  • University extension in the education of computer specialists
  • Link university-society-software industry in the education of computer specialists
  • The teaching of foreign languages: current situation and perspective
  • Databases

Number of papers and participants

A total of 233 papers will be presented, out of which 110, that is around 50%, are not from the University. They are presented by participants from 10 provinces of our country, from which Havana is the one with the largest number of participants.

Organization of activities during the two days the event lasts

On the first day there will be a fair exhibition, conferences and specific presentations of research groups and topics specifically related to the production-research activity and software development. The second day will be primarily devoted to work in commissions, which are divided into 12 thematic workshops ranging from computer-related technologies to specific workshops, such as the one related to foreign languages, as well as those related to the teaching of computer science.

From the most relevant point of view there will be three associated workshops: one with the theme of high performance with the presence of prestigious German researchers, another one with the recognition of patterns and a third one related to project management.

Collateral activities to be carried out

  • Panel on technological trends
  • Launching of products of the Editorial "Ediciones Futuro"
  • Science and Technology Innovation Fair
  • Technological innovations

Contribution of this event to materialize the scientific policy drawn by the University

There are eight research lines at UCI and all of them have a direct relationship with the workshops that were organized for this III Scientific Conference.

To conclude his intervention, the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation at UCI said that the activities planned will be distributed throughout the University, so he invites the entire university community to take advantage of this space as he considers it is also a very good opportunity to interact with other 10 guest speakers.

He added that at the opening of the event, there will be a panel with renowned researchers of big data, virtual reality, the process of innovation of the university in the current context, computer security and many other topics for participants to update themselves. In the same way you can follow what is happening making use of the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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