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Psychologist Susel García Cedeño, head of the Department of the University Welfare in the university. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

Working for the university welfare.

Nancy Pérez Medina |
February 10, 2017 - 09:45
Working for the university welfare.

Psychologist Susel García Cedeño, head of the Department of the University Welfare in the university. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

The Department of University Welfare of the University of Informatics Sciences (known as UCI), is located on the second floor of the Wifredo Lam Cultural Center of this institution. It consists of eight specialists: a methodologist, three psychologists, a psychopedagogy, a sociologist, an information management technician and a recently graduated in training (RGA).

On the occasion of its first anniversary, which will be held on Sunday, February 12, Mella Newspaper interviewed the head of the DBU, the psychologist Susel García Cedeño.

- What responsibility does each specialist have in the Department of University Welfare (known as DBU )?

- Psychologists provide assistance and advice, and  also assume   requests for some areas. The sociologist, in her case, is in charge of the link with the media and the activities of the Department. The methodologist is responsible for the conception, design and elaboration of educational actions. The psychopedagogy conducts the orientation to the educational figures (teachers guides, main teachers, educational instructors), and attends specific processes and the technician manages all the information of the Department.

- What activities did you do during the year of creation of the Department of University Welfare and which have been the most relevant?

- During the year, for psychological care, we received 32 applications, 23 for self-help, which is very positive because they are spontaneous consultations. We also offered psychopedagogical guidance.

"We have given in the period differentiated attention to the disabled and foreign students of the University, which includes the preparation in these subjects of educational instructors.

"Regarding the training system, we give the workers of the residence two editions of the Communication and Youth Course, and we already have an elective course on Health Promotion.

"In the year of creation of the Department, the most important lectures on the identification of drug consumption, the effects of smoking on the body, among other important topics were highlighted by such personalities as María Ester Ortiz Quesada, Ph.D. Ricardo González Menéndez, the MSc. Rafael Bestard Biset and Ph.D. Omniel Matos Quesada ".

-Approach of the Department by the university community.

- Our services involve the presence of personal difficulties, conflicts or few resources to face health and educational situations, in people. Therefore, the measure of acceptance by the community is evaluated considering the number of requests for advice or consultation that we receive and in that sense we have been collaborating more and more with the residences and with the faculties; However, we feel more pleased when people come to us at their own request, whether because of a personal problem or a work situation.


- We plan to work to strengthen the work in the Residence, design new training options for people involved in educational work and establish alliances with entities in the territory.

-How do you value the work done?

- We are satisfied with what has been achieved so far. Although behavioral changes are often seen in the long run, we believe we have made progress in having community members better prepared to do their job. We also get closer to preventive work in the community, to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant or regrettable situations.

"Some other interesting information.

- It was interesting the psychological training to the members of the teams of the Competition of Programming ACM, that compete under stress.

"We also worked in the media performing radio spots and the contest The old man that I will be., and opened the section ConVivencias in the Dragones portal of school 3, as a means to guide and reach the community to do preventive work. As an extension project is the audiovisual short for the Festival of the Butterflies ".

The Department of University Welfare is responsible for working for the well-being and integral training of community members from areas such as sports, health, culture and university social responsibility, in which each member achieves a necessary state of satisfaction inherent in human development to become better citizens.

Being part of the different programs, projects, activities and services offered by the DBU we can learn, interact with other people and represent the University with dignity. Congratulations!

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