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Students in classrooms with their professors. Photo: Archive

The university is ready to start the new school year.

September 2, 2016 - 12:15
 The university is ready   to start the new school year.

Students in classrooms with their professors. Photo: Archive

On September 5th , the new 2016-2017 school year begins throughout Cuba and the University of Informatics  Sciences (known as UCI), as one of the institutions of higher education in the country, will open the doors of its classrooms to students of new income along with those who continue their studies in this center.

To know some details about this course, this reporter spoke with PH.D.  Natalia Martínez Sánchez, Vice-rector for  Training at the UCI, who agreed to answer our questions.

The Vice-rector told us that the teaching module for students and professors is already in the places assigned for distribution; Added that the classrooms and laboratories are also reviewed to ensure the correct operation of its  technology, in good condition at the end of the previous course, which has the necessary reserve to be replaced if it deserves it.

She also stated that the university has alll the professors to teach all the subjects of the curriculum of the career and that during this week the professors -methodological work is organized to plan,  orient and give general guidelines,  also to  ensure the training of professors.

Ph.D. Martinez Sánchez told us about some new relevant facts  for this course, including the change of class schedule, which will now begin at 8:30 a.m. to 1:20 a.m. in the morning, and continue at 1 : 30 pm until 6:20 pm, in the afternoon, with 10 minutes between each change of shift.

She also pointed out that for the first time the electives for 4th and 5th years will be offered at the central level, which implies that students have to move between different educational buildings, hence the increase in time between shifts. She explained that a document issued by the Methodological Direction of the Vice-Rectorate of Formation will be disseminated by the University media so that everyone will know how the registration process, the subjects and the entire methodology of work  will be carried out.

Among the good news, she adds, adding to the above the preparations to defend in December, this year, before the National Commission of Careers, the beginning of Engineering in Bioinformatics the coming course 2017-2018 in our institution, with a duration Of four years and belonging to the curriculum E.

Regarding the enrollment process, the Vice-rector of Formation commented that it is developing favorably, and the first year is expected to have about 1 000 students for the day course and more than 200 for meetings. The latter increased the amount of income in relation to other academic courses and will be developed by the faculties: 1 and 6.

She also explained that on October 3rd, the Superior Technician in Networking and Computer Security course begins, with a duration of two and a half years, destined to the graduates of the average upper level that will have a registration  of 50 students.

Finally, said the Vice-rector that the career of Engineering in Computer Science continues to be five years and that this Monday, September 5th, begins the Military Studies Meeting for students of the third year with a week. It considers that the university is ready to start this successful school year and all conditions are  guaranteed.

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