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Someone who spreads light and seeds the future does not die. Photo: Taken from Cubadebate

Someone who spreads light and seeds the future does not die

Granma |
November 25, 2021 - 09:30
Someone who spreads light and seeds the future does not die.

Someone who spreads light and seeds the future does not die. Photo: Taken from Cubadebate

Human beings are overwhelmed by dates. They make us mark the calendar, measure time, detect coincidences. The tendency does not only radiate towards personal issues, where our most important days are kept, the ones that do not pass by while life goes on.

The appreciation of dates extends strongly to the people we love, of whom every event is memorable to us. No one forgets the birthday or the final goodbye of their beloved ones, and these dates are also their own, insofar as they move them, make them happy or sad.

To say August 13, November 25 – and also December 2, January 1 and so many more- lead us to a man with whom it is not necessary to have had the same blood because his dates have been assumed by the people to whom the same dates also belong.

When any of these dates is approaching, Fidel becomes more ours. From days before, the event in question emerges and is revealed to us.

As we reach November 25, there is no one who does not know that five years ago, a human being destined to eternal life departed from the world to live in us and in those who will succeed us.

Although he did not set out to do so, he filled his hours with actions marked by a will determined to sweep away from Cuba the shameful imperial domination forever and to build a new nation. A life without rest led him to lead and star dates. There was not a single day in the Commander's life that did not deserve to be remembered, because what he did for his people demanded sustained constancy in action and thought.

During this five-year period,  his presence has not been silenced,  not even for a second. In the actual dates that our homeland continues to live, Fidel breathes, he is reborn every day and leads the way to a future in Revolution, his and ours. 


On the same staircase, where so many times he triumphantly descended with his comrades in struggle, where, as he said, he became a revolutionary, the hearts of young people, guided by the continuity in the presence of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, beat together with the Homeland and the chest of an undefeated giant.

Heidi Chapman, accompanied by  the National Concert Band, Nelson Valdés, Raúl Torres, Eduardo Sosa, Tanmy López, Annie Garcés, the National Choir and the repentistas Aramís Padilla and Héctor Gutiérrez sang for him this November 24. Also the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba danced for him, so that art could express itself as the nation´s shield.

"Last November 15 was one of those days where a multiplied and firm Fidel, present in millions of Cubans, hit a home run against the destabilizing plans designed by the usual enemies. Once again they underestimated us as a nation and, especially, they underestimated the youth," said Aylín Álvarez García, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communist League.

"Don´t  they remember that five years ago we took the sacred oath to be Fidel?  In their permanent political ignorance and blinded by ambitions, they collide, time and time again against millions --not dollars, but millions of Cubans who have made the courage of the Commander in Chief their own. That absurd dream of a post-Castro Cuba, that repeated dream that is not given to them, has vanished. Yes, it vanished from the very first minute in which the revolutionary guide left for immortality. There was never, nor will there ever be a rupture, nor will there ever be forgetfullness. There never was, nor will there ever be surrendering or betrayal," she said on behalf of the Cuban youth.

Cuba does not forget, Cuba feels and lives. It is an entire people, determined and conscious,  who knows it well.  It is Fidel among us,  and like all worthy and honorable deeds, he is multiplied  in the infinite gratitude of those who deeply value noble acts.

Five years ago he physically departed, but he did not die, because someone who spreads light and seeds the future in the heart of such a human work as his Revolution does not die.  He left  us this Revolution for us to make it more alive and vigorous, as  he takes root in it every single day. 

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