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Conference on Secure Internet Day given by the MSc. Henry Raúl González Brito. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

Protecting the systems and data of our enterprises

Odalys Rosa Falcón Márquez |
October 31, 2017 - 11:00
Conference on Secure Internet Day given by the MSc. Henry Raúl González Brito

Conference on Secure Internet Day given by the MSc. Henry Raúl González Brito. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

MSc. Henry Raúl González Brito offers detailed information on important aspects related to the Precongress Workshop Penetration Tests in Web Applications, which will be held at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), during the VIII International Quality Workshop 2018, to be held from March 19 to 23 next year.

-Which IT professional is this workshop addressed to?

-The workshop will be addressed to professionals linked to software development, especially web applications, as well as to managers and other specialists of entities that use information and communication technologies (ICT) for process management.

-What requirements or minimum knowledge should those interested in these workshops have?

- The professionals should have basic knowledge on programming and on the basic architecture operation of web applications.

-Where could they find information to document themselves about this topic?

-You can find documents both in English and in Spanish in the sites www.owasp.org and http://wp.me/pbZgI-Di,

-What does this knowledge represent for the company to which these professionals belong?

-As it has been expressed in different areas of the country, the process of Cuban computerization must first and foremost be a process that guarantees the security of our infrastructures, so that we are prepared to face risks and threats of all kinds; this is an essential condition for the advancement of this sector in the country.

"Professionals participating in the workshop will be updated on the current state of computer security and web applications in particular. This will allow them to apply important security tests in their companies, thus contributing to the protection of systems and data in their enterprises."

-What do we actually guarantee when the product undergoes these processes?

- It will never be one hundred percent possible to guarantee the security of a computer system, but the application of current security tests will ensure reasonable levels of protection against existing threats and common risks.

-What impact on the computerization of the country and sustainable development will the use of the practices you will get to know through the demonstration workshop have?

- Having computer applications with current security assessments will contribute to the Policy for the Improvement of Computerization of the Cuban society, guaranteeing reasonable levels of security to maintain the social and economic processes of the country.

"As our State and government have warned us, we must prioritize the security of the systems over the computerization itself, since one depends on the other without a doubt".

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