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A great chess battle.

A great chess battle

AI Isbel Herrera del Sol |
October 9, 2017 - 14:00
A great chess battle

A great chess battle.

The second monthly Blitz chess tournament of the II Grand Prix was successfully held on the Friday afternoon of this October 6th at the Remberto A. Fernández González Chess Room at the University of Informatics Science (UCI).

The event paid tribute to the victims of the horrendous “Barbados Crime”.

In the competition, there participated 35 players, seven of them with titles, representing nine provinces.

The matches were played by the Swiss System to 9 rounds, with two rhythms of time: 5 minutes + 3 seconds bonus from the first to the fifth round and 3 minutes + 2 seconds bonus from the sixth to the ninth round.

The International Master with 2 Grand Master Rules, Luis Lázaro Agüero Jiménez (Havana) 2458 was the winner   with 7 points, followed by MF Roberto Salgado Seguí (Artemisa) 2231 and MF Wilver Vargas Rodríguez (Artemisa) 2299 both with 6.5 points.

Agüero ratified the favoritism, although he lost in the ninth round against Holman Hernandez Carmenate (Mayabeque) 2157 and yielded two draws against Reinerio Gómez Arnau (Havana) 2258 and MF Cristian Vitier Vázquez (Havana) 2341.

The last round turned dramatic as the three players leading the tournament lost with black pieces.

The University was represented by nine chess players, the best positioned one was WMF Yoana Gonzalez Ochoa (Havana) 2061 with 6.5 points in the fifth place. The Master started with half a point in the first three rounds, but then recovered and won the last six rounds.

Those classified in this occasion for the finals, scheduled for next December,were Luis Lázaro Agüero Jiménez MI, MF Roberto Salgado Seguí and MF Cristian Vitier Vázquez with 6.5 points each.

The top Elo Blitz winners were Alejandro Miguel Medina Pichs (Cienfuegos, UCI) 1733 with 53 points, Diosvanys Cairo Hernández Ayala (Havana) 1839 with 41 points, and José A. Hernández Izquierdo (Artemisa) 1820 with 38 points. Those with more lost matches were Jose Antonio Canina Ruíz (Artemisa) 2193 with 56 points, Rommy Ruíz Sosa (Matanzas) 1960 with 49 points, Regis Cárdenas Romero (Sancti Spíritus, UCI) 1847 with 34 points and Carlos Alejandro Falcón Naranjo (Havana, UCI) 1942 with 30 points.

AI Isbel Herrera del Sol was in charge of the organization and arbitration.

The last classification tournament will be held on Friday, November 24 at 1:00 p.m.

While the tournament was taking place, the Technical congress for the XV UCI Tournament, which starts next Monday 9th and will run until October 20, was also held here. The competitors will be playing from Monday to Friday from 12:45 p.m. at 5:00 p.m.

We look forwards to seeing you there.

Winners together with the Organizer and the Presidency

Winners together with the Organizer and the Presidency.

Participants in the II Grand Prix Blitz Chess Tournament

Participants in the II Grand Prix Blitz Chess Tournament.

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