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87 new engineers from School 2 graduate at UCI. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

87 new engineers from School 2 graduate at UCI

Odalys Rosa Falcón Márquez |
July 12, 2017 - 14:30
Graduados de la Facultad 2.

87 new engineers from School 2 graduate at UCI. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

With the joy of having completed their university studies, this July 12, there graduated 87 new engineers from School 2 at the University of Computer Science (UCI) to join the professionals who will be part of the labor pool  whose aim is to continue collaborating  with the computerization of the country.

This graduation ceremony, which was dedicated to the creator of this house of higher studies, our historical leader Fidel Castro Ruz, and to the 15th  Anniversary of  this academic institution, was presided over by Dr. Sc. Yanio Hernández Heredia, Dean of the school; the main  leaders of the PCC,  the UJC and FEU; members of the Board of Directors and  faculty. The ceremony took place in the recently inaugurated Rúben Martínez Villena Conference Hall, located on the third floor of the school building, intended to carry out the main activities and events which will be programmed by this school.

At the meeting, recognition was won by  outstanding students in teaching, production, research, university extension, and in the spheres of culture and sport. The three students proposed to be awarded with the Scientific Merit Award were also recognized, as well as those who had done an outstanding work within the students’ organization (FEU). The best graduates were:

  • Bárbaro Guillermo Barroso Gómez
  • Pedro Gabriel Moreno Basso
  • Luis Ernesto Manchón Lauzardo
  • Ernesto Martínez Casanova
  • Lourdes Alicia Risco Ferrer

Likewise, the Board of Directors of the school, at the proposal of the UJC and FEU, awarded the Villena Prize to the students Liliet de la Caridad González Polanco and Marien Díaz Ruiz,  selected to hand in the Graduates  Book to the Dean.

Luis Ernesto Manchón Lauzardo, on behalf of the graduates, dedicated his speech to our Commander-in-Chief;  he will not be present for the first time, but only  physically, because  his legacy is present to be defended by all the young Cuban people. Likewise, the graduate student recognized the work developed by all the teachers during his training and that of his colleagues.

During the meeting, several audiovisual materials were presented, among them the poem Fidel, by the Argentine poet and journalist Juan Gelman, recited by the actress Corina Mestre; The house of the Scorpions, as a memento of the graduates during these five years of studies,  and the song Riding with Fidel, composed by the Cuban singer-songwriter Raúl Torres and sung by several artists.

The closing words of the ceremony were pronounced by Dr. Sc. Yanio Hernández Heredia, who wished the graduates success with the new challenges that their working life will impose. He recognized the work developed by the school and referred to the 51 diploma papers that were successfully defended by the 87 new engineers, out of which 33 are women and 54 are men, four of whom will also begin their work as officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To close the ceremony, Luis Daniel Castro Durán, an outstanding graduate in the cultural field delighted the audience present in the ceremony with a song.

Inauguración del Salón de Conferencias Rúben Martínez Villena en la Facultad 2.

Inauguration of the Rúben Martínez Villena Conference Hall in School 2.

Marien Díaz Ruiz recibe el Premio Villena, otorgado por la Facultad 2.

Marien Díaz Ruiz receives the Villena Prize, awarded by School  2.

Acto de graduación Facultad 2.

Graduation Ceremony Faculty 2.

Estudiantes destacados reciben reconocimiento.

Outstanding students receive recognition.

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