Raydel Montesino Perurena

Raydel Montesino Perurena
Full Professor

Rector and Associate Professor of the University of Computer Sciences (UCI).
Graduated as a Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer from the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE) in 2003.
He obtained the scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2013.
He studied the Specialty in National Security and Defense of the National Defense College (CODEN) in 2016.
At the UCI, he also held the responsibilities of Director of Networks and Information Security (2005-2013), Vice-Rector for Technology (2013-2016), First Vice-Rector (2016-2021).
He has participated in several international scientific events and has published research results on different topics related to cybersecurity, specifically in relation to standards, indicators, automation of controls and information management systems and security events.


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