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The XI International Summer School. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

The virtue of providing knowledge

Abel Castillo Noriega |
July 5, 2018 - 09:45
The XI International Summer School

The XI International Summer School. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

The 11th edition of the International Summer School developed this week at the University of Informatics Science (UCI) reserves spaces for men and women who have made research and science the driving force behind their lives.

Two specialists from the Federal University of Southern Russia are an example of those professors who have helped to guide along the path of knowledge the professionals who enrolled in the courses on Network and Computer Security and Modern Robotic Systems.

Dr. C. Eugene Abramov stated that he had had a very short stay last year, but this time he came with more time to dictate five lectures related to research, showing how to use different devices to create robots.

"This course helps students to grow and deepen their knowledge in the world of science, as the university has all the conditions to develop in this area, and it also has the technologies required to do good practices in their studies.”

In the opinion of this important professor, the most striking aspect of the event is noticing the curiosity of students to learn more and more about research, robotics, and the new systems. "This student- motivation is not common in other places, so this encourages me to work and makes me feel very well," he said.

Dr. C. Andrey Sklyarov conveyed a similar message, pointing out that although he has had previous experiences in summer schools in other countries, it is the first time he has participated in this Cuban version developed at UCI.

The strong relationship between the professor and the students who have got together in the postgraduate classrooms of the Rubén Martínez Villena School Building is visible: "I was struck by the great potential that students have and the fact that they are always eager to learn".

Other attributes that stand out in his personality are the simplicity and constant interest in sharing his knowledge. "I am participating in this event for different reasons: first of all, because of the development program of our country and of our university to establish collaboration ties with UCI in the field of information technologies; another reason is to learn about its people, its country and its culture."

With an arsenal of knowledge, and a proven working capacity throughout this period, these professionals have contributed to the training work of the International Summer School, which updates researchers in various areas of computer science.

XI International Summer School.

XI International Summer School.

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