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Alex Pardo has been in charge of elaborating the current Intranet that is used in Radio Reloj. Photo taken from: www.radioreloj.cu

From Printed Paper to Digitization.

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February 24, 2017 - 14:15
From Printed Paper to Digitization.

Alex Pardo has been in charge of elaborating the current Intranet that is used in Radio Reloj. Photo taken from: www.radioreloj.cu

Although he came to Radio Reloj almost by chance, the young Alex Pardo Hernández can boast today of leaving a mark on the work of this septuagenarian station.

Graduated from the University of Informatics  Sciences  in 2013, Pardo has been in charge of elaborating the current Intranet that is used  in  Radio Reloj , a novelty that has allowed to eliminate the use of the paper when using screens as support of the information that arrives at the cabins.

"When I used to be  a student, I worked with the amateur movement in the locution, and in 2012, in the fourth year of the career , we came to the ICRT to sign the Code of Ethics of the University Radialists Movement and that's when I met Radio Reloj, "he recalls.

The young engineer points out that this visit aroused his curiosity, because the station worked with an Intranet and had everything digitized in the newsroom, but that facility did not reach the booths.

"It was then that I formulated my thesis work and started to come to the station with another colleague, Lisbet, to know in detail its operation."

He had to come to Radio Reloj on many occasions to understand how it worked, an intention that forced him to talk up to four or five times with the specialists, editors, and informatics.

The initial project started with the idea of eliminating the printing of the pages because it was untenable to spend on printers, carbon paper and sheets, and although Radio Reloj no longer depends on that system "reality has shown that it is always necessary to print, but today much smaller scale ".

The deployment and operation of the Intranet are remembered by Pardo as one of the strongest experiences of his short working life, because " there were very intense days, in which I had to stay in the station almost 48 hours without stopping because the responsibility was great. "

"Those two nights are never going to be forgotten. I really do not know how I could go through that, 48 hours practically without sleeping and being aware of everything, things that failed in the cabin and to see what happened, a lot of tension, but luckily everything went better than we expected.

Now the young computer engineer is engaged in "bringing to the booth" the Sunday editions of the Weekly Magazine, which is still printed on paper, and at the same time refine the Intranet to make it more effective and user friendly.

This work has forced him to grow professionally, since he has had to learn to face tasks like designer, programmer or architect, elements that he assumed from a daily practice that reinforce  the experience.

Today, after four years of work at Radio Reloj, he remembers that his interest in Radio Reloj's previous Intranet brought him unexpectedly to become a radio station worker who, as a child, his grandmother tuned in every day.

"Now I just want to improve the Intranet so that  the digital technology helps to improve the work of the radio station", expressed by Alex Pardo Hernández, a young man who at the age of 27 already left a mark on Radio Reloj.

Del papel impreso a la digitalización

Image of the new Radio Reloj intranet.