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Analysis of solutions in ACM-ICPC Caribbean Programming Camp. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

Evstropov: Even when you think there is nothing left to do, keep studying

Zenia Camps Vidal y Julio Tejera Castillo |
March 24, 2017 - 11:00
Analysis of solutions in ACM-ICPC Caribbean Programming Camp

Analysis of solutions in ACM-ICPC Caribbean Programming Camp. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

The 8th ACM-ICPC Caribbean Training Camp, which takes place over two weeks at the University of Informatics Sciences (known as UCI), will finish next Saturday with the twelfth UCI Cup of Programming.

Approximately fifteen days of hard training have had more than 70 Cuban and foreign participants of this knowledge pool that exercises and prepares them for future ACM-ICPC competitions.

The closest for these competitors will be the World Final of the prestigious event that will take place in the month of May in the American city of Rapid City in South Dakota, the UCI is working on the training of  these two teams from Cuba and one from Mexico.

During its activities, the academic event was attended by professors Alfredo Somoza, from the University of Havana and Gleb Evstropov of Russia, who offered an interview to Mella newspaper

Evstropov expressed his joy at being a part of the camp "I like to help people, study, bring the ACM around the world, and share my knowledge with others. I observe his passion for studying and this motivates me to be better and better. "

Regarding the level of the participating teams expressed: "have many things to learn. The community is small compared to Russia, where I come from, but I see their passion for studying and the will to achieve the goals and that is the most important. Repeating this training camp, over and over again will always increase the level of ACM's competitors in the country and include more colleges can be positive. I think they have a lot of opportunities to keep improving and get better results. "

Gleb, told us that it was not only his first time in the UCI but "it's my first time in Havana, in Cuba, in the Caribbean and only my second time in Latin America. The University campus is very beautiful, there is a lot of infrastructures needed to study the classes in the community, internet access is a very important thing. People who study computer science at universities need to raise their knowledge, it is also good to note that people here are friendly. "

In a message to the University community, the double runner-up in ACM-ICPC World Finals said:

"My main message is not just for the participants in the camp, but for all those who pursue some objectives. Never think that they have done everything, even when they think there is nothing left to do,  continue studying. They will have time to rest later. Each hour they spend studying now will give them 10 times more than hours of studying later. So study now. "

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