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Electronic Government Center. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

Encouraging, innovating, are premises of the Electronic Government Center.

Abel Castillo Noriega |
February 3, 2017 - 11:30
Encouraging, innovating, are premises of the  Electronic Government Center.

Electronic Government Center. Photo: Alberto Medina Cruz

Behind the provincial prize of Technological Innovation that received the System of Management of the Courts in the context of the day of the Cuban science,  there are many anonymous heroes.

To carried out this task successfully, the commitment of this group of men and women of the Electronic Government Center was decisive, demonstrating that the challenges can be great, but when there is a will  the objectives become a  reality.

In an interview with  Mella newspaper, Yosviel Domínguez, technical leader of the project meant that it represents a great satisfaction to have obtained this award from the Citma since it recognizes the work developed during this period by the professionals of the center, committing them to further improve the work.

With full mastery of the subject, the main architect also refers that this project intends to computerize the processes that are carried out in the Cuban Popular Courts which will allow the speed of the actions that are executed in them.

Decided to strengthen it the system recently carried out a training and an accompaniment in several territories of the country which offered them a vision of the infrastructure that needs for its implementation.

Regarding the utility of the system, he emphasized that people who have interacted with this find it very good, as it humanizes them work and prevents them from doing the documents manually because it provides an automatic generator of all documents. In addition, it provides a system that ensures the expiration of all terms that are executed in court.

For the specialists, the impact of this award is very favorable because it makes visible the work that is developed in our institution and allows them to perfect the work that is done in the institutions that impart justice in the country.

The results of this center are an expression of the tenacity and dedication of this group, whose results is the contribution from the activity of science, technology and innovation to this sphere of information technology.

This distinction supports the work carried out by the group of the  Electronic Government center, for those who run into the investigative tasks represent an essential step in their training.