Industrial Informatics Center (CEDIN)

The Industrial Computing Center assigned to School 4, develops products and computer services of industrial automation, with a high added value, that also meet the needs and expectations of customers, enhancing specialized training and research.


Here are some of its functions:

  • To actively participate in the computerization of the country, developing solutions for the industry with a mature and flexible system of research-development-innovation.
  • To consolidate the products and services offered as exportable items, with a high competitiveness and based on principles of free software and reusability, complemented by an efficient attention and support and focused on the user.
  • To promote strategic alliances with leading institutions on the subject. To achieve national leadership and recognized visibility in the international context in the application domains associated with the Industrial Automation line.
  • To train highly qualified personnel in research and development of Industrial Computing solutions, with a high sense of professionalism, competitiveness and commitment to the transformation of society and the Revolution.


Application Domains that it develops:

  • Supervision and control of processes (SCADA Systems, Drivers Development, Smart Buildings). Embedded systems (IoT and Domotics).
  • Industrial management.