Center for Innovation and Quality of Education (known as CICE)

The Center for Innovation and Quality of Education, contributes to raising the quality of training in our University, developing and enhancing innovation and research in the field of Pedagogic Sciences and Education, supporting the permanent and effective human resources with the use of the most modern means  of information technology and educational technology, in the search for the university of excellence to which current Cuban society aspires.

Among its functions is:

    To encourage that the professors of our University receive a solid pedagogical training , making an intensive use of the TIC as a fundamental way for the development of indispensable competencies.
Promote and support research and pedagogical projects.
Monitor and evaluate the quality in the application of the pedagogical model of our University, as well as the results of the application of innovation and research projects and how this is reflected in the training of students.
Strengthen the collaborative work with other institutions of recognized national prestige in the field of Pedagogical Sciences and Education.