Master's degree in Advanced Computer Science

A graduate from this program is conceived as a professional with a background in Computer Science that allows him/her to:

  • Interpret the current problems faced by modern science and the mathematical foundations related to computer science
  • Possess the basic knowledge necessary for interdisciplinary work and its integration into research teams in computer projects.
  • Evaluate, select, assimilate, develop, exploit and maintain tools to automate the processes related to the application of computer technology in education, research, learning and creativity.
  • Execute academic activities in both undergraduate and postgraduatecomputer courseswhose contents are related to the program.
  • Work on projects that take place in a totally interconnected world.
  • Join international collaboration projectswith achievements
  • Direct and / or participate in scientific research projects on computer science.

Basic academic training courses:

  • Evolution of the web
  • AdvancedMathematics
  • Software ecosystems
  • Computer applications for mobile devices
  • ServiceOrientedarchitecture
  • Gesture-Based Computing
  • AdvancedProgrammingTopics
  • Computer Network Management
  • Knowledge Management for Software Engineering
  • Informaticsecurity

Specializedacademic training courses:

  • Educational Technology E-learning, M-learning and U-learning
  • Learninganalytics
  • CompositeApplications
  • The Internet of things
  • GeospatialInformationSystems
  • Computer security for mobile devices
  • Advanced topics on Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality