High Performance Computing Research Group

The need to develop high-performance computing in our University from a scientific and technological point of view is remarkably high. This requires the development of projects with a high computational capacity, such as the design of mechanical structures, interactive data visualization, simulation of biological and Physico-chemical processes, image and signal processing, among others.

The High-Performance Computing Group's mission is to develop high-performance scientific and applied research, the results of which can be integrated into the development and research processes of our University, using alliances and close collaborations with the different centers and research groups.

Related research topics:

    Programming in parallel environments. Development of software tools for high-performance computing. Efficient implementation of algorithms and applications in parallel environments (clusters, multiprocessors, GPUs) and distributed.
Optimization. Development of parallel metaheuristics. Discrete optimization.
Parallel numerical methods. Solving systems of linear equations and systems of differential equations using numerical methods designed for parallel environments