The Computer Security Research Group

Cybersecurity has become a national security problem for many countries in the world and a significantly important issue for organizations. The sustained growth in the number of vulnerabilities so far discovered, the impact of their exploitation and presence on devices connected to the Internet, creates a real complex scenario that must be tackled and solved through holistic solutions, covering technical, economic, regulatory and social problems.

Consequently, the goal of the Computer Security Research Group is to develop basic and applied research for the development of methodologies, products and services that can contribute to guaranteeing reasonable levels of security for the safe computerization of processes, entities and organizations


  • PENETRATION TESTING METHODOLOGIES: Development of an Agile Methodology for Web Application Penetration Testing (MAPPAW) that enables effective security testing and minimizes the occurrence of computer security incidents.
  • EXCHANGE AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT OF COMPUTER SECURITY THREATS, ATTACKS AND VULNERABILITIES: Development of systems and models for the exchange and information management of computer security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, which can contribute to strengthen the security levels of the technological infrastructures.
  • DETECTION OF CYBERATTACK PATTERNS, MALWARE ANALYSIS AND FORENSIC COMPUTING: Detection and analysis of anomalous behavior patterns , cyber attacks against computer systems and malware analysis with the aim of transforming these patterns into rules and mechanisms that enable their detection and automatic blocking. This line also deals with forensic computer techniques and procedures as part of these analyzes.
  • CYBERSECURITY: Development of metrics, processes, procedures, automated computer systems; undergraduate and postgraduate training in order to contribute to the governance of cybersecurity in organizations. It also includes the design of good practices of configuration services with the aim of strengthening their defense mechanisms.
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